Our History

J&L Musto Construction, Inc. is principally engaged in the business of paving, road construction, parks and recreation, excavation, landscaping, site work and utility contracting.  The company is located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts.  Founded by two brothers, Gerardo and Luigi Musto in 1966, it has been a family run business for 40 years.  These two gentlemen instilled in their children, the new generation of J&L Musto Construction, that honest, hard work is the key to success.  These words of wisdom are as important today as they were 40 years ago.  We take our work seriously and provide our services with honesty and integrity to promote an ethical business practice  We are proud to say that we are a member of the Better Business Bureau.  Most of our work started out in the private sector and has now flourished actively into the public sector.  Our quality of work is excellent and will exceed the quality demanded by our customers.

The company has added a new division to handle decorative paving called Street Print.  This concept creates an architectural finish from elegant slate to intricate hand laid pavers.  The company is constantly growing and always looking for ways to serve the public.